Find the Right Tenant

Listing Do’s to Find the Right Tenant

Most commercial tenants are likely to browse online first when they’re looking for a property. There are so many property listings on the Internet, how do you make yours stand out?

Eye-catching photos

Make a strong first impression by providing high quality photos – research from realcommercial shows a minimum of 4 photos are required for tenant engagement. Professional photographers will showcase your premises in the best lighting and from the best angles. You can also touch up photos to remove unwanted items using photo editing software.


It’s important to put an indication of rent and outgoings for your premises on the property listing. Research from realcommercial has indicated a lack of pricing on listings is the number one cause of tenant dissatisfaction. It could slow enquiry and mean your premises remain unrented for longer. Pricing should be researched and discussed with your property manager and meet your financial objectives, there should be no surprises. Discussing outgoings with your property manager and how these can be minimised also makes your property more attractive as tenants will always consider gross rental.

Highlight the best features

When showcasing your property online, you want to direct attention to the best features. If the building has great exposure, this should be a headline, if it receives excellent foot traffic, this should be highlighted. Car-parking is always a main consideration, as is the property zoning. Does your property have unique features like solar panels, LED lighting, high power, electronic gates, excellent presentation, all these things matter to commercial tenants and will also play a factor in the photography, text and asking rental.


Don’t just let pictures do the work for you. You also want to be precise and enticing in your description. There are certain keywords that tenants look for. Features to highlight include: proximity, car parking, air conditioning, security, zoning, fit-out, operational hours, square metre space and how it’s broken up. Know your target market when writing your listing description so you know which features they prioritise.

Floor plans

Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing will increase click throughs. Floor plans can help potential tenants get a better understanding of the property. They can get insights into the usability of the space and how rooms flow and whether the property will suit their business.

Video marketing

A video of the property provides an extra level of engagement for the potential tenant and is especially important if your property might attract potential commercial tenants from overseas or interstate.